Our Guarantee

We guarantee the complete removal of head lice.  Following our two visit 
in-home treatment program, clients are guaranteed lice-free for an additional 14 days.
If lice are seen during this period, we will return to your home and complete treatment free of charge. In the rare case of an extreme infestation 3 appointment may be required for a warranty.  Extreme cases consist of thousands of eggs and bugs. 

Please note:  
Empty and dead egg shells can not create a lice infestation. Nit Control does not guarantee the removal all nit castings (which are empty, non-viable, egg shells) Usually 98-100% of the nit castings are removed during the treatment but occasionally a few can be missed because they are deflated and still glued to the hair which makes it very difficult to remove with a lice comb.

About Viable Nits:  
1. Living lice eggs are dark brown in color.  Dandruff and nit castings are whitish.
2. Nits and nit castings are securely glued/attached to the hair and require force to remove?
3. Nits and nit castings have to be pulled down the entire length to be removed. Like a bead on string.
4. Nits are shaped like bulbs or seeds. 

Upclose picture of lice eggs "nits".and "nit castings
Nit Casting (non-viable, not a nit)

The clear/white sacks pictures to the left are nit castings.  They are hatched, non-viable eggs.  Warranty does not cover "nit castings".  On average, 98-100% of nit castings are removed during treatment.   
If you are concerned that the infestation wasn't completely removed, search the hair regularly for a louse.  A bug is the only certain indication that you are still infested with head lice. In the very unlikely circumstance that a bug remains, we will complete the warranty appointment free of charge.  

If a technician is sent to you home with a warranty service and no bugs are found you will be charged the regular service fee.         

Nit (possibly viable lice egg)