In-Home Lice Service Prices​

Treatment for one person only 
$100 per hour
$20 travel fee

Treatment for family (multiple people)
$125 per hour
$ 20 travel fee
- treatments typically take 30-60 minutes depending on severity
- in most cases, one person has a more advanced infestation while the rest of the family has a mild infestation

Follow up Treatment (4-7 days later) includes 2 week bug-free guarantee
$125 per hour + $20 travel fee
- follow up treatments typically take 20-30 minutes per person

Compare Prices to other companies

Most lice services and salons charge $90-$100 per hour but often require 2+ hours of treatment for each person, per appointment. You could easily spend over $1000 to treat your family at other places. 

Common Questions:

Question: Do you guarantee all the lice will be gone after the second visit?
Answer:  Yes, after the 2nd treatment (which is usually done 4-7 days after the first treatment) you will have a 2 week bug-free guarantee.  If any bugs are found within 14 days of the follow up appointment we will do additional treatments free of charge until the infestation is gone. 

Question:​ What happens if we schedule an appointment and it turns our we don't have lice
Answer:  The minimum charge for our in-home services is $125

Question: Do we have to do a second treatment?
​Answer:  No, the follow-up treatment is optional and many of our clients decide to do their own follow up treatments.  Mild cases of lice are often fully removed after just one treatment so sometimes some self-checking at home is the more cost effective option.

Question: How long do your treatments take?
Answer:  Treatments times can vary depending on the hair length and the severity of the infestation. Mild treatments usually take about 30 minutes while more advanced treatments can take up to 60 minutes. Extremely severe lice infestations can take more time. Lice checks usually take 5-20 minutes depending on the hair length. 


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