Q:How does the Nit Control lice removal process work?
A: Our process is made to be a convenient as possible for our clients. A trained technician will comes to your home, checks everyone for lice, and treat anyone found to be infested. The technician can answer any lice related questions you may have and can provide detailed advice on proper home cleaning and prevention. The only thing our technicians needs from you is a small, well lit, working area. We recommend the kitchen, bathroom or even outdoors. We suggest a follow up appointment in 4-6 days to ensure that all stages of head lice have been removed. We offer a two week warranty after a follow-up appointment.  
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Q: What are head lice and how do you get them?
A: Head lice are human parasites which can only survive on human heads. Lice do not jump or fly.  They are passed through direct contact only. The most common ways are:
-Sharing combs, brushes, hats, towels, and clothing
- Sharing Infested furniture such as beds, couches, and car seats
-Physical contact such as hugging, playing, and combing hair

Q: Do you do anything else beside lice removal?
A: Yes, we provide lice checks for schools, daycare, and group settings. We are also available to speak publicly about any head lice related services. 

Q: Can my child go back to school after your service?
A: In most cases children can return to school after the first treatment. Following even the most intensive first treatment a few non-viable eggs shells can remain. Please inform your technician if your child is trying to return to a school with a no-nit policy so the technician may spend extra time combing and hand searching for nit casings. Unfortunately, this purely cosmetic process can take hours of time even after the infestation is completely removed. Both the American Association of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses advocate that "no-nit" policies should be discontinued. We do not guarantee entry into no nit policy schools. 

Q: Do you provide a discreet service? A: Yes! We know lice can be an embarrassing situation so we NEVER share any of your information with anyone.  And don't worry, we won't show up in a big van that says "Lice Removal" on the back either ;)

Q: Why do I need a follow-up appointment?
A: Lice are extremely small when they hatch from the egg and can be too small for any lice combs to pick-up.  A follow-up appointment is recommended 4-6 day later to remove any lice that may have been missed due to it's size. In 3-6 days any baby lice would be large enough to remove but not old enough to start laying eggs.  A follow-up appointment can provide 100% certainty that the parasite has been completely removed.
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Q: Are you sure you can get rid of our head lice? None of the over the counter products can?
A: Absolutely sure. There has never been a case of head lice that we were unable to cure.  The problem with the over the counter products is that the ingredients have been used for many years and head lice have developed a strong resistance to them. We are experts in brushing technique, identification, and prevention, which are all vital in completely removing head lice.  

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In-Home Head Lice Removal Service.


Services for Schools and Groups
Nit Control also offers "head lice checks" for school, daycares, retirement homes, hospitals and other groups. 

Head checks are preformed by parting the hair several times thoughout the entire head and visually inspecting for lice and nits.  


1 hour minimum charge

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long do lice checks take?
A: Usually 1-2 minutes per person with good organization.  

Q Where are the lice checks done?
A: The lice checks can be preformed either in the classroom or a destination of your choice.  

Q: What do you do if you find lice on someone?
A: For schools we will remove the bug or egg, tape it a sheet of paper, and privately alert the teacher or one in charge.  

Q: Are any products or chemical used for checks?
A: No, all checks are performed dry with clean, separate, combs. 

Q: How do I schedule a head lice check?
A: Call 415.320.3533 and schedule and appointment.