Nit Control is Mill Valleys's premier head lice removal service. Owner and operator Shawn Costigan is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable lice technicians in United States. Using a non-toxic manual combing method, Shawn has successfully cured tens of thousands of Bay Area residents of lice. Avoid costly mistakes by inexperienced lice removers with and go with the best in the business! 

Benefits of In-Home treatment

Comfortable and discreet
Personalized home cleaning instructions
Night and Weekend appointments available
Guarantee effective with a 2 week warranty 

Hour of Operation:  9am-5pm Daily
Contact Us:              (415) 320-3533

Head Lice Basics and Information

Lice Symptoms: 
The most common symptom of head lice is an itching or burning sensation on the scalp. The degree of itching can vary from person to person as some people are more allergic to the bites than others. Small red dots can also appear on the back of the neck and behind the ears. 

Lice Identification:
Adult head lice are small brown insects 2-3mm in length. They are an oblong diamond shape with 6 legs near the head. Baby lice, referred to as nymphs, are smaller and clear in color. Nymphs are so small they can be difficult to see without magnification.

Lice Treatment: 

The most common form of treatment is pesticide based lice shampoos. These shampoos are becoming less and less effective due to pesticide resistant lice. Ineffective and prolonged pesticide exposures have made professional non-toxic treatments a more attractive option. 


How do you actually get rid of the lice?  
We use a lice repellent cream and high quality nit comb and manually comb out the bugs, nymphs and eggs. After an extensive full scalp combing we apply leave in a suffocating treatment. During the follow up appointment 4-7 days later, the infested persons are fully combed again to ensure a complete removal. 

Can everyone in the household be checked? 
Yes. Lice-checks highly recommend for all the members of the household and are included in the hourly rate. During the early stages of head lice, itching is generally mild and some members of the household may have lice without knowing. A complete check of each family member will ensure that no one, unknowingly, re-infests the entire household.

How much does the service cost? 
The treatments price is based on an hourly rate plus a travel fee. Total treatment cost typically varies between $50-$150 per person depending on hair length and level of infestation. (Compare to $300-$500 per person at some lice removal salons.)

How do I clean my home for lice?
 During your lice treatment, your lice technician will go over with all the home cleaning instructions including how to treating the couch, cars, clothes, and hair accessories. You can also find a detailed list in the lice information area of this website.  

Why is there so much head lice in Mill Valley?
Head lice are everywhere. 15 million people a year are treated for head lice in the United States. Unfortunately Mill Valley andTiburon does have an extremely high occurrence of head lice, most likely, due to the high population of children and the abundance of children activities. 

Do you have a lice salon in Mill Valley?
No, Nit Control does not operate out of a salon. To provide a more personalized an affordable service we offer in-home service. We bring the salon to you at a lower price. 


Contact Us: (415) 320-3533